This Tiny House On Wheels Can Easily Be Moved To A New Location

May 24, 2021
Tiny house on wheels with solar panels, pull-out bed, window bench, kitchen, and bathroom.

New Zealand tiny house owner Jude, has shared a glimpse at her small container home that was designed by Le Workshop.

The tiny, which lies on the bed of a truck, includes wood and metal siding, solar panels, a picture window with a window bench, two beds, a raised kitchen with storage, and a small bathroom with a shower.

To learn more about her home, Bryce, the host of Living Big In A Tiny House, stopped by for a tour (see video below).

The Tiny House Made From A Shipping Container On The Back Of A Truck

A tiny home made from a shipping container that lies on the bed of a truck.

Solar Panels On The Roof Of The Tiny House

A tiny home made from a shipping container that has solar panels on the roof.

A Large Picture Window With A Window Bench Inside

A tiny home on wheels with a large picture window and interior window seat.

The Tiny Home Has Two Beds, One That Pulls Out From Under The Kitchen, The Other Drops Down From The Ceiling

A tiny home with a pull-out bed and a secondary drop-down bed.

The Kitchen Is Raised Up From The Living Space

A tiny home with a raised kitchen.

The Small Stairs With Pull-Out Storage

Tiny house stairs with pull-out hidden storage.

The Kitchen Includes A Stove, Kitchen, Storage Cabinets, And A Fold-Out Counter Extension

A tiny home kitchen with storage, stove, fridge, and fold-out counter.

The Bathroom With A Small Vanity, Toilet, And And Shower

A tiny home bathroom with a small vanity, toilet, and walk-in shower.

To learn more about this tiny home, watch the video below…