This Tiny House Built With Salvaged Materials Has A Cozy Interior

November 28, 2020
A tiny home built using salvaged materials.

This contemporary tiny home in Hawkes Bay, New Zealand, was built by Phill and Radha using reclaimed materials that help to create a wood exterior with red and yellow accents, and an interior that’s cozy.

There’s also a vegetable garden at the front of the tiny home, a small kitchen, a bathroom with a shower, a built-in sofa / daybed and a loft bedroom.

Let’s take a look around and keep scrolling for a walk-through video by Living Big In A Tiny House.

The Exterior

A tiny house with a wood exterior, and yellow and red accents.
A tiny house with a vegetable garden.

The Living Room And Kitchen

A tiny home with a wood interior that includes a daybed / sofa, a dining area, and a kitchen.

The Small Dining Table

A small dining table for a tiny home.

The Loft Bedroom

A tiny home with a loft bedroom and a skylight.

Enjoy a tour of this tiny house by watching a video from YouTube channel Living Big In A Tiny House as they take a look around.