This Small House In Texas Includes A Lofted Home Office

September 26, 2020
A small shotgun house with a grey and wood exterior.

The Shotgun House is a small house in Waco, Texas, that was renovated by Chip and Joanna Gaines of the TV show Fixer Upper.

The house, which has a grey and wood exterior with a front porch, features an open plan living room and kitchen, wood floors, a single bedroom, a bathroom with a concrete vanity, and a lofted home office/guest room.

Let’s take a look around the house…

The Exterior And Curb Appeal

A small grey house with a shotgun layout.

The Living Room With A Dutch Door

A small living room with a dutch-style front door.

The Kitchen

A simple kitchen with an island and white wall tiles.

The Bedroom

A bedroom with deep teal walls and wood accents.

The Bathroom

A modern bathroom with a concrete and wood vanity, and shower niches.

Stairs To The Loft

Steep steel and wood stairs.

A Lofted Home Office / Guest Room

A lofted home office that doubles as a guest room.

To learn more, enjoy a tour of this small house by watching a video from YouTuber Levi Kelly as he takes a look around.