A Home With An Interior That Features Dark Green Accents

June 13, 2021
A modern house with an open plan main floor, dark green accents, and wood details.

A modern house in San Mateo, California, includes a main floor with an open concept layout, a living room with tropical print accent wall, a kitchen with wood cabinets and an island, and a dining room with a dark accent wall.

Upstairs, there’s a spacious master suite with an en-suite bathroom, a small home office, and guest bedrooms, while outside, there’s a covered patio with seating.

This home is designed and built by Pulte Homes.

Let’s take a look around…

The Exterior With White Siding, Black Trim, And A Red Front Door

A modern house with a white exterior, black trim, and red front door.

The Living Room With Tropical Print Wallpaper, Brown Leather Couches, And A Black And White Rug

A modern living room with tropical print accent wall, brown leather couches, and a black and white rug.

The Kitchen With Wood Cabinets, White Countertops, And Three Minimalist Pendant Lights Above An Island

A modern kitchen with wood cabinets, white countertops, and three minimalist pendant lights above an island.

The Dining Room With A Dark Brick Accent Wall, A Wood Table, Upholstered Dining Chairs, And Eye-Catching Light Fixture

A dining room with a dark brick accent wall, a wood table, upholstered dining chairs, and eye-catching light fixture.

A Covered Outdoor Patio With Seating

A covered patio with seating.

A Small Home Office At The Top Of The Stairs

A small home office at the top of the stairs.

A Modern Master Bedroom With A Dark Green Accent Wall

A contemporary bedroom with a dark green accent wall.

A Guest Bedroom With Black And Gold Accents

A contemporary bedroom with black and white palette and gold accents.

The Bathrooms That Both Feature Wood Vanities, Dark Gray Tiles, And White Countertops

A modern bathroom with dual wood vanities, white countertops, and dark gray tiles.
A modern bathroom with a wood vanity, white countertop, and dark gray tiles.

The Floor Plan

The floor plan of a modern two storey house.