5 Cute Animal Planters For Your Coffee Table Or Window Ledge

February 12, 2022
Adorable tabletop planters in the shape of an owl, elephant, or corgi.

These adorable little planters, handcrafted by WeiiLife in Vancouver, Canada, would be cute addition to any coffee table, window sill, or home office.

Ranging from owls and foxes, to puppies and elephants, each of these small planters are made from concrete, and are designed to hold mini succulents, cacti, flowers, air plants, or tealight candles.

Let’s take a look at their designs…

1. The Fox

An adorable tabletop planter with a fox on it. Suitable for succulents, cacti, or tealights.

2. The Elephants

An adorable tabletop elephant planters for mini succulents, cacti, or tealights.

3. The Owl

Acute owl tabletop planter for small succulents and cacti.

4. The Corgi

A small corgi planter for succulents and other small plants.

5. The Hedgehog

A small concrete hedgehog tabletop planter for succulents and cacti.